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  EMISSION DU 30/06/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 priests leave me alone tape two sister polygon

2 blast and the detergents solution 7 inch comp track autoproduction

3 yes i´m leaving endless mind mission bulb tenzenmen

4 lecitone un voyage en mongolfière la révolution des marionettes own

5 tiger fernandez two and a half leave the left leaf own

6 gregor samsa - (untitled track #1) 27:36 own

7 songs from safara time reducer songs from safara own

7 squares on both sides castles indication own

7 31knots chain reaction talk like blood own

7 tiger magic dys-/ u- crush on you sm musik

10 chausse trappe face a part i 420m3 - 37´14" kythibong

11 yes i´m leaving song for you mission bulb tenzenmen

11 thee oh sees the dream carrion crawler/the dream in the red

11 tomahawk stone letter oddfellows ipecac

11 electric electric la centrale discipline kythibong

11 holograms chasing my mind holograms captured tracks

12 mujeres blood meridian mujeres sones

12 young rival black popcorn stay young sonic unyon

12 raketkanon herman rktkn #1 zeal

12 torche kicking harmonicraft volcom entertainment

13 kadavar all our thoughts kadavar this charming man

13 darwin deez radar detector radar detector lucky number

13 diiv how long have you known oshin captured tracks

13 yes i´m leaving creepyman mission bulb tenzenmen

Artiste: yes i´m leaving
Album: mission bulb
Label: tenzenmen

  SEQUENCE Rhâââ brocoli

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Alex Stevens - Carte blanche: Dour festival 2013

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