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  EMISSION DU 30/01/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the experimental tropic blues band dynamite boogie dynamite boogie autoproduction

1 ikara colt i'm with stupid modern apprentice fantastic plastic

1 the ex listen to the painters turn ex

4 hollowphonic slow drift majestic pharmasound

5 scarling can't (halloween valentine) sweet heart dealer sympathy for the record industry

5 skywave tsunami synthstatic alison

7 circus devils gargoyle city pinball mars fading captain series

7 darediablo behold the panther stone v/a: music with latitude - a southern records compil southern

7 **two star hotel knife edge compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

7 the wedding present bad things interstate 5 scopitones

10 kingfisherg apple act v/a: compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

11 jumbo jet lao sur la colline elle m'a dit d'aller siffler lao sur la colline cocacolabo

11 the invisible frog - (untitled track) space makes noise amanita

11 fiery furnaces single again ep rough trade

11 six.by seven catch the rain 04 saturday night sunday morning

11 furious pilots satisfy now v/a: compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

11 wixel cereals wixel sis

11 wolf eyes stabbed in the face burned mind sub pop

11 µte unµting tagawa autoproduction

11 the arcade fire neighborhood #3 (laika) funeral rough trade

11 colonel bastard colonel brazil v/a: compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

11 michael bianchi empereur de carnaval letter to sandy autoproduction

11 k ronald k autoproduction

12 yowie untitled track cryptooology skin graft

12 the kills dead road 7 no wow domino
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