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  EMISSION DU 08/09/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 blood sister why would you ‡ autoproduction

2 riel la de los hijos ep de zombies quelonio

3 disappears girl era kranky

4 the underground youth tokyo blue the perfect enemy for god fuzz club

5 bathernay it left untitled one autoproduction

5 malaise all hail the record collection sick sad world autoproduction

6 new cowboy builders nobody dies jumbo autoproduction

6 the december sound never silver album 8mm musik

6 the december sound truth hurts silver album 8mm musik

6 the december sound tape tape silver album 8mm musik

8 best practices gamechanger sore subjects tiny engines

9 clarkys bacon dinner 4 2 grrr! superfantastic breakdown blunoise

9 the black angels black isn´t black indigo meadow blue horizon

9 disappears power era kranky

9 the underground youth juliette the perfect enemy for god fuzz club

9 castles streets, streams and shallows you, the organ grinder eyesofsound

9 sport doen do you remember? we are sport doen and you are not prestressed

9 washington dead cats punkabilly rumble! down under my feet be past

9 the decline! a punch in my head broken hymns for beating hearts zone 11

9 cheer-accident the carnal, garish city fear draws misfortune cuneiform

10 primordial undermind driftglass loss of affect strange attractors audio house

10 ruins alone schvostess ruins alone skin graft

10 korekyojinn upstream tundra magaibutsu

10 black pus all out of sorts all my relations thrill jockey

10 kk null + daniel menche - (untitled track #1) raijin asphodel

10 pigs give it you ruin everything solar flare

10 disappears weird house era kranky

10 the underground youth masquerade the perfect enemy for god fuzz club

Artiste: the underground youth
Album: the perfect enemy for god
Label: fuzz club

Artiste: disappears
Album: era
Label: kranky


Artiste: the december sound
Album: silver album
Label: 8mm musik
Track(s): never / truth hurts / tape tape

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