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  EMISSION DU 06/10/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 psychic blood omens nightmare beaches ascetic house

2 psalm beach wild ep autoproduction

3 octagrape kelpo kreeps red ufo autoproduction

4 body/head abstract coming apart matador

5 pharmakon ache abandon sacred bones

6 landing two veils ii vast arc hues

7 gentle veincut blockbuster contrete landing whosbrain

7 calva rubik´s cube sacrifice a tant rêver du roi

7 black pus fly on the wall all my relations thrill jockey

7 jessamine secret jessamine kranky

9 jessamine pilot-free ignition don´t stay too long kranky

10 fontanelle niagara fontanelle kranky

10 divorce sweet pea seance fiction autoproduction

10 body/head actress coming apart matador

10 octagrape swoops red ufo autoproduction

10 optional body surviving avalanches surviving avalanches 7" 25 diamonds

10 animal lover guilt guilt +2 kid sister everything

10 september girls ships ships haus of pins

10 shannon wright noise parade in film sound vicious circle

10 chokebore get blonder falls best vicious circle

11 body/head can´t help you coming apart matador

11 octagrape trevor cobalt red ufo autoproduction

Artiste: octagrape
Album: red ufo
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: body/head
Album: coming apart
Label: matador


Artiste: fontanelle
Album: fontanelle
Label: kranky
Track(s): niagara

Artiste: jessamine
Album: don´t stay too long
Label: kranky
Track(s): pilot-free ignition

Artiste: jessamine
Album: jessamine
Label: kranky
Track(s): secret

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