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  EMISSION DU 03/11/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bardo pond kali yuga blues peace on venus fire

2 wobbly lamps haxan drella polyvinyl craftsmen

3 joanna gruesome sugarcrush weird sister fortuna pop

4 whore paint this body swallow my bones load

5 minia zavout turge #1 autoproduction

6 jucifer ni shagu nazad beyond the volga there is no land nomadic fortress

7 helen money radio recorders arriving angels profound lore

7 cold pumas fourth dale fourth date volar

7 cold pumas proof of man v/a: sea monsters – the best of brighton oib

7 cold pumas altered yeast v/a: male bonding/cold pumas split 7" faux discx

10 föllakzoid trees ii sacred bones

11 kimya dawson i like my bike thunder thighs great crap factory

11 shannon wright who´s sorry now? in film sound vicious circle

11 whore paint trigger swallow my bones load

11 joanna gruesome lemonade grrrl weird sister fortuna pop

11 san diablo four day boner ants a dingo ate my baby

12 fake asian rolex veggie rodeo 74k34514nr013x teenage riot

12 the dead neanderthals rabbit we are dead neanderthals autoproduction

12 mombu the devourer millions niger subsound

12 thisquietarmy unearthing the past aftermath + setting ashes denovali

13 syndrome wolf floating veins consouling sounds

13 banane metalik strip or die nice to meat you human bretzel

13 magik markers the the lighter side of ... hippies balf quarry drag city

13 blackie copy coma edit blackie all caps, with spaces grindcore karaoke

13 sax ruins korromda peimm yawiquo magaibutsu

13 za! pachamadretierravahl #1 megaflow discorporate

13 whore paint oh sailors swallow my bones load

13 joanna gruesome graveyard weird sister fortuna pop

Artiste: joanna gruesome
Album: weird sister
Label: fortuna pop

Artiste: whore paint
Album: swallow my bones
Label: load


Artiste: cold pumas
Album: v/a: male bonding/cold pumas split 7"
Label: faux discx
Track(s): altered yeast

Artiste: cold pumas
Album: v/a: sea monsters – the best of brighton
Label: oib
Track(s): proof of man

Artiste: cold pumas
Album: fourth date
Label: volar
Track(s): fourth dale

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