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  EMISSION DU 15/12/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 umez catch me up catch me up fatal justice

2 the peep tempel modern professional modern professional wingsing

3 raspberry bulbs cracked flesh deformed worship blackest ever black

4 has a shadow john lennon sky is hell black captcha

5 marteleur if god dropped acid would he see people my anvil is my tuning fork navalorama

6 mute air postrectum autoproduction

7 broken prayer wow broken prayer sorry state

7 fin headstrong positive fromage rouge

7 fin beneath my skin positive fromage rouge

7 fin fade positive fromage rouge

10 eric in the kitchen i already told you xep tape safe

11 jesus is my son no man´s land 1914-1918 ff hhh

11 ventura ananasses ananasses africantape

11 has a shadow can´t stop the fall sky is hell black captcha

11 raspberry bulbs groping the angels face deformed worship blackest ever black

12 komplikations sans sentiments poverty rockstar

12 frustration worries uncivilized born bad

12 tar halos speed queen gutter succulent autoproduction

12 horseback mithras half blood relapse

13 the cosmic dead anatta the exalted king dub ditch picnic

13 the oscillation no place to go from tomorrow hands in the dark

13 raspberry bulbs i was wrong deformed worship blackest ever black

13 has a shadow drive sky is hell black captcha

Artiste: raspberry bulbs
Album: deformed worship
Label: blackest ever black

Artiste: has a shadow
Album: sky is hell black
Label: captcha


Artiste: fin
Album: positive
Label: fromage rouge
Track(s): headstrong / beneath my skin / fade

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