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  EMISSION DU 13/02/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the ecstasy of saint theresa what's 13 years in noises cherry red

1 bardo pond home v/a: everything's ending here - a tribute to pavement homesleep

1 atombombpocketknife shards cta lack and pattern file 13

4 stereo total l'amour à trois musique automatique bungalow

5 corker conboy can of worms (opened up by xela) six for five vertical form

5 sebadoh new worship vs. helmet domino

7 rtx limozine transmaniacon drag city

7 sebadoh vampire smash your head on the punk rock sub pop

7 sebadoh sister bubble & scrape city slang

7 tarentel a cloud no bigger than a man's hand we move trough weather temporary residence limited

9 the dead texan glen's goo dead texan (the) kranky

10 paik jayne field satin black strange attractors audio house

10 atombombpocketknife gold leaf lack and pattern file 13

10 sleater-kinney one beat one beat kill rock stars

10 le tigre seconds this island universal

10 kimya dawson parade hidden vagenda k

10 the redneck manifesto the dillon family dancers cut your heart off your head red f

10 scarling can't (halloween valentine) sweet heart dealer sympathy for the record industry

10 the detroit cobras everybody's going wild baby cycle

10 furious pilots satisfy now v/a: compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

10 girls against boys tweaker you can't fight what you can't see jade tree

10 blood & time a silver ocean storm v/a: neurot recordings i neurot

10 new grenada eric's trip v/a: confuse yr idols (a tribute to sonic youth) narnack

11 the ex listen to the painters turn ex

11 atombombpocketknife locket lack and pattern file 13

11 the emerald down acid aquarium honest in secret

Artiste: atombombpocketknife
Album: lack and pattern
Label: file 13


Artiste: sebadoh
Album: bubble & scrape
Label: city slang
Track(s): sister

Artiste: sebadoh
Album: vs. helmet
Label: domino
Track(s): new worship

Artiste: sebadoh
Album: smash your head on the punk rock
Label: sub pop
Track(s): vampire

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