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  EMISSION DU 02/03/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the mumzees gutz gutz autoproduction

2 two trick horse default badass default badass autoproduction

3 katadreuffe false alarms malconfort narrominded

4 radar men from the moon surrealist appearance strange wave galore fuzz club

5 the chambermaids scraped away whatever happened tomorrow guilt ridden pop

6 tv ghost five colors blind disconnect in the red

7 coming swallow destructure ep sweating tapes

7 deerhoof dummy discards a heart apple o´ kill rock stars

7 30,000 monkies imperial staches somewhere over the painbow autoproduction

7 katadreuffe mutadis mutandis malconfort narrominded

9 radar men from the moon strange wave galore strange wave galore fuzz club

10 zolle leequame zolle supernatural cat

10 henry blacker pullin´like a dray hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings riot season

10 meltdown oratorio lunch (lydia) retrovirus retrovirus ugexplode

10 oranssi pazuzu olen aukaissut uuden silman valonielu svart

10 people of the north drama class sub contra thrill jockey

10 raketkannon henri rktkn #1 zeal

10 pyramido no words v/a: suma/pyramido split head

10 mononc´ serge mourir pour le canada mourir pour la canada disques double

11 acidez mi odio y mirabia v/a: deadly dose/dosis mortal - acidez/angst split stress attack

11 katadreuffe the go-between malconfort narrominded

11 radar men from the moon the sweet confusion strange wave galore fuzz club

Artiste: radar men from the moon
Album: strange wave galore
Label: fuzz club

Artiste: katadreuffe
Album: malconfort
Label: narrominded

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