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  EMISSION DU 30/03/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lost rockets hundred year cough hundred year cough b/w doom town hell is now love

2 burnt palms in the dark v/a: burnt palms/gurr split tape very gun

3 like like the the the death here comes the irregular cave jenny latest flame

4 berline0.33 solar striker the abyss will gaze back katatak

5 von stroheim the tree - autoproduction

6 in heaven foku lions are eternal navalorama

7 blackhoods constant wrestle sunk not not fun

7 bazooka war parade bazooka slovenly

7 mambo dodo la moisissure bertier honest house

7 bear makes ninja beef sweets shouting at bridges mountain of

9 true widow trollstigen circumambulation relapse

10 like like the the the death hypnic jerk cave jenny latest flame

10 berline0.33 these words the abyss will gaze back katatak

10 pizzicato five playboy playgirl playboy & playgirl matador

10 tsushimamire fish cakes pregnant fantasy benten label tokyo

10 butter 08 mono lisa butter 08 grand royal

10 the lapse h´a ´chi heaven ain´t happenin´ southern

10 black heart procession on ship of golds 3 temporary residence limited

10 red bacteria vacuum sound dive killer dust pegasus

11 tricot - best songs 2013 boundee

11 tokyo pinsalocks monopoly rhythm channel avex trax

11 buffalo daughter california blues captain vapour athletes grand royal

11 like like the the the death very important fun person cave jenny latest flame

11 berline0.33 time is a fake healer the abyss will gaze back katatak

Artiste: berline0.33
Album: the abyss will gaze back
Label: katatak

Artiste: like like the the the death
Album: cave jenny
Label: latest flame

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