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  EMISSION DU 04/05/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 odonis odonis new obsession hard boiled soft boiled buzz

2 it it anita g-round it it anita honest house

3 exocomet mercy tongue exocomet autoproduction

4 l´enfance rouge juillet beja-beijing autoproduction

5 khohd suffer first e.p. autoproduction

6 low fat getting high emasculator poor circulation autoproduction

7 miserable bell jar halloween dream the native sound

7 blueshift signal between the night & the day seven natural scenes ethereal

7 blueshift signal oceans seven natural scenes ethereal

7 blueshift signal the secret garden seven natural scenes ethereal

9 ed schrader´s music beat pantomime jack party jail infinity cat

10 pontiak innocence innocence thrill jockey

10 paint fumes killed by puerto rico sally smoked dope slovenly

10 exocomet cyclops exocomet autoproduction

10 l´enfance rouge zena beja-beijing autoproduction

10 dÿse reudikamm das nation cargo

10 eagle twin the ballad of job cain part ii the feather tipped the serpent´s scale southern lord

10 z´ev vs. pita - (untitled track #10) colchester editions mego

10 snailking in the wake samsara consouling

11 blind thorns porque eu so sei gostar - autoproduction

11 alien whale alien 1 live cdr (recorded 2009 at zebulon & silent barn) mass dist

11 blacklisters hero of china blklstrs brew

11 mugstar axis modulator axis agitated

11 l´enfance rouge cancer beja-beijing autoproduction

11 exocomet dive exocomet autoproduction

Artiste: exocomet
Album: exocomet
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: l´enfance rouge
Album: beja-beijing
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: blueshift signal
Album: seven natural scenes
Label: ethereal
Track(s): between the night & the day / oceans / the secret garden

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