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  EMISSION DU 26/10/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bonnie doon snow bone bonnie doon ep bruise tongue

2 white finger waste city records waste city records finger

3 yes i´m leaving fear slow release homeless

4 sweet valley slumber party search for love dazed lolipop

5 whirr heavy sway graveface

6 sonic jesus lost sonic jesus ep fuzz club

7 medicine move along/down the road home everywhere captured tracks

7 sleater-kinney bury our friends bury our friends sub pop

7 eula orderly orderly bloodmoss

7 alligator invisible space runners et mon cul c´est du tofu?

10 guili guili goulag shinseina ibexib cheap satanism

11 shit and shine astro´s hat powder horn diagonal

11 basement labyrinth counterclockwise some produkt

11 yes i´m leaving manic slow release homeless

12 sweet valley slumber party dazed dazed lolipop

13 the beverleys hoodwink hoodwink buzz

14 the ethical debating society hobson´s choice hen´s teeth tuff enuff

15 the mary hart attack you talk too much a dark green light oddie

15 die! die! die! swim swim sounds of subterrania!

16 hotel wrecking city traders ode to chunn ode to chunn (ep) bro fidelity

17 swingers kowboy swingers autoproduction

17 mugstar today is the wrong shape ...sun, broken... important

17 the telescopes please, before you go taste cheree

17 maths and the moon wwyb (the demons march) night train daydream sub pop

17 yes i´m leaving funny slow release homeless

17 sweet valley slumber party please dazed lolipop

Artiste: yes i´m leaving
Album: slow release
Label: homeless

Artiste: sweet valley slumber party
Album: dazed
Label: lolipop

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