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  EMISSION DU 27/02/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 motormark hold your tongue chrome tape digital hardcore

1 sz s-one live recordings drunk dog

1 six.by seven ocean :04 saturday night sunday morning

4 explosions in the sky lonely train friday night lights (original motion picture soundtrack) hip-o

5 washdown confusion... (confusion?) yes to everything lookout!

5 and you will know us by the trail of dead will you smile again for me worlds apart interscope

7 the martinis flyer smitten cooking vinyl

7 atombombpocketknife gold leaf lack and pattern file 13

7 sz nana live recordings drunk dog

7 the invisible frog untitled (track #1) first draft autoproduction

9 the evens shelter two the evens dischord

10 scraps of tape fuckers come to collect broken note scraps of tape

10 v.o. sunflowers in my eyes pictures matamore

10 the redneck manifesto we still got it i am brazil trust me i'm a thief

10 barra head the discipline of making sense arrival play/rec

10 once we were - winter keep us warm tender version

10 the redneck manifesto break your fingers laughing i am brazil trust me i'm a thief

10 bright eyes i believe in symmetry digital ash in a digital urn saddle creek

10 pokett fall crumble intercontinental

10 the evens mt pleasant isn't the evens dischord

10 sloy many things (to wear) plug roadrunner

10 v.o. le ciel cuivré pictures matamore

10 sz le numéro 8 live recordings drunk dog

Artiste: sz
Album: live recordings
Label: drunk dog

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