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  EMISSION DU 15/03/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ex-cult cigarette machine cigarette machine castle face

2 mexican slang double trouble twerp ep buzz

3 childbirth i only fucked you as a joke it´s a girl! help yourself

4 god bows to math got art brighter futures muzai

5 la hell gang inside my fall thru me again mexican summer

5 picastro vampires you static clang

6 hyperculte intro demo autoproduction

6 polyphemus color it scrapbook of madness beggars banquet

6 polyphemus ringo scrapbook of madness beggars banquet

6 polyphemus this day of mine scrapbook of madness beggars banquet

8 pins shoot you shoot you bella union

9 sleater-kinney gimme love no cities to love sub pop

9 hsy sally sally buzz

9 petula clarck dededin instinction none

9 marriages salome salome sargent house

9 childbirth sweet pea it´s a girl! help yourself

9 god bows to math high strings brighter futures muzai

9 hey colossus hey, dead eyes, up! in black and gold rocket

9 frustration worries uncivilized born bad

10 warum joe datcha dans le blizzard new rose

10 komplikations the city going down rockstar

10 delacave words are blocked run straight to them and grunt label brique

10 moon duo zero shadow of the sun sacred bones

10 disappears mist rites irreal kranky

10 föllakzoid electric iii sacred bones

10 the kvb obsession mirror being flesh tapes

10 his electro blue voice tartlas v/a: havah / his electro blue voice split maple death

11 childbirth how do girls even do it? it´s a girl! help yourself

11 god bows to math oil of vitriol brighter futures muzai

Artiste: childbirth
Album: it´s a girl!
Label: help yourself

Artiste: god bows to math
Album: brighter futures
Label: muzai


Artiste: polyphemus
Album: scrapbook of madness
Label: beggars banquet
Track(s): color it / ringo / this day of mine

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