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  EMISSION DU 26/04/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 piles plastic vacation debris autoproduction

2 constant mongrel the law dcm r.i.p. society

3 leather slave human horse ii video disease

4 wildhoney fall in sleep through it deranged

5 la casa al mare i don´t want to this astro autoproduction

6 peter kernel you´re flawless thrill addict on the camper

7 25 saturate (extended version) v/a: petula clarck / 25 // split rockerill

7 la coupure no no autoproduction

8 alright the captain i´m not smart, i don´t have all that book learning stuff constant fix autoproduction

9 the blind shake more land fly right slovenly

10 swami john reis & the blind shake sets of fire modern surf classics swami

11 massis mondésir massis autoproduction

11 forevr yucatan demonstration autoproduction

12 velódromo gémini velódromo autoproduction

13 speedy ortiz swell content foil deer carpark

14 wildhoney maybe you´re crazy sleep through it deranged

15 leather slave rebel girl ii video disease

15 tropical trash in c unoriginals astro black

16 godspeed you! black emperor piss crowns are trebled asunder, sweet and other distress constellation

16 leather slave dispose ii video disease

16 wildhoney boys from out of town sleep through it deranged

Artiste: wildhoney
Album: sleep through it
Label: deranged

Artiste: leather slave
Album: ii
Label: video disease

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