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  EMISSION DU 21/06/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 detached objects healing cream detached objects gilgongo

2 no love bad things dogs//wolves b/w bad things sorry state

3 złota jesień girl soccer girl nothing jasień

4 falling stacks pool party no wives battle worldwide

5 shetahr beans a sausage has 2 autoproduction

6 vitas gerulaitis os de source le tigre cheap satanism

7 maria false sand when a quick one

8 contrast pipe dreams less than zero ep autoproduction

9 contrast drum machine less than zero ep autoproduction

10 contrast dull less than zero ep autoproduction

11 lightning bolt the metal east fantasy empire thrill jockey

11 lydia lunch retrovirus fields of fire urge to kill rustblade

12 clean shirts leech smart casual in dogs we trust

13 falling stacks a fly would slide no wives battle worldwide

14 złota jesień milkleg/blossoming girl nothing jasień

15 doomsquad two-way mirror pageantry suite ep bella union

15 zun zun egui late bloomer shackles´gift bella union

16 tongue mords-moi le neu! [a]venture magnet

16 beak> green machine + invada

16 ak/dk random resonant arp disco synths + drums + noise + space little miss echo

16 turzi corbeau c record makers

16 suuns and jerusalem in my heart 3attam babey suuns and jerusalem in my heart secretly canadian

16 gnod breaking the hex infinity machines rocket

17 falling stacks double scull no wives battle worldwide

17 złota jesień i am mary poole girl nothing jasień

Artiste: falling stacks
Album: no wives
Label: battle worldwide

Artiste: złota jesień
Album: girl nothing
Label: jasień


Artiste: contrast
Album: less than zero ep
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): pipe dreams / drum machine / dull

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