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  EMISSION DU 25/10/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kindling painkiller galaxies no idea

2 institute perpetual ebb catharsis sacred bones

3 hey lover i wanna be with you sinking ships hovercraft

4 general men i didn´t come home the drier months autoproduction

5 kowloon walled city the grift grievances neurot

6 metz eraser eraser sub pop

7 champion lover nothing nowhere take one unprofitable

7 my invisible friend eyes my invisible friend autoproduction

8 throw down bones exposure exposure fuzz club

9 industroika walk straight, work hard north autoproduction

10 maze choice and selection demo autoproduction

10 enablers solo the rightful pivot exile on mainstream

10 baby fire burning body, burning red (demo) burning body, burning red (demo) autoproduction

10 general men lovingly the drier months autoproduction

10 hey lover i´ve got a car sinking ships hovercraft

10 it it anita l´invention du chien recorded by john agnello luik

10 usa nails they´d name an age no pleasure bigoût

11 guerilla toss polly´s crystal flood dosed dfa

11 cinder cone uni motherfucker bird why is there sand autoproduction

11 prinzhorn dance school education home economics dfa

11 sealings i´m a bastard i´m a bastard faux discx

11 static daydream blue tambourine girl static daydream moon sounds

12 hey lover pacer sinking ships hovercraft

12 general men don´t think so the drier months autoproduction

Artiste: general men
Album: the drier months
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: hey lover
Album: sinking ships
Label: hovercraft

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