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  EMISSION DU 03/04/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 naifu the spider naughty pony puppy farm

1 quasi good time rock n roll hot shit! domino

1 the wedding present ringway to seatac take fountain stickman

4 the fall middle mass a part of america therein, 1981 sanctuary

5 edgar (animo) et vos jambes s'occupent de descendre la 5ème marche v/a: 2004/concours circuit court circuit

5 lush baby talk scars 4ad

7 lush deluxe mad love 4ad

7 lush sweetness & light sweetness & light 4ad

7 red sparowes the soundless dawn came alive as cities began to mark the horizon. at the soundless dawn neurot

7 frank black francis broken face frank black francis - black francis demo (cd 1) cooking vinyl

9 mogwai new paths to helicon pt i government commissions - bbc sessions 1996-2003 pias/bbc

10 dressy bessy little tv pink hearts yellow moons track & field

10 the 5,6,7,8´s i'm blue teenage mojo workout sweet nothing

10 the wedding present it's for you take fountain stickman

10 millimetrik dans la profondeur, tout s'éclaircit (ben's version) v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2005 rhâââ lovely festival

10 scraps of tape hands are tied read between the lines at all the times tender version

10 engine down songbird demure lovitt

10 sz s-one live recordings drunk dog

10 cat on form more escapism a blanket over your eyes southern

10 archie bronson outfit kangaroo heart fur domino

10 the wedding present don't touch that dial [pacific northwest version] take fountain stickman

Artiste: the wedding present
Album: take fountain
Label: stickman


Artiste: lush
Album: mad love
Label: 4ad
Track(s): deluxe

Artiste: lush
Album: scars
Label: 4ad
Track(s): baby talk

Artiste: lush
Album: sweetness & light
Label: 4ad
Track(s): sweetness & light


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