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  EMISSION DU 13/03/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jaguwar iwo jima island ii prospect

2 lost rockets the fix paper cuts hell is now love

3 octagrape too fly aura obelisk sounds familyre

4 winkie i will not weep for any throne you fall from come to my party american primitive

5 blankenberge seagulls blankenberge autoproduction

6 tuff love sweet discontent resort lost map

7 lower automation decorated maps autoproduction

7 yersinia pestis instinct killer corbeaux intra muros

8 deadverse tokoloshe musth adagio 830

9 teenage sin taste clear some perfect dreams autoproduction

10 teenage sin taste fucked up anyway... some perfect dreams autoproduction

10 teenage sin taste stuck some perfect dreams autoproduction

10 buzz rodeo underground luxury victoria autoproduction

10 housewives tele work hands in the dark

10 octagrape aim your heart aura obelisk sounds familyre

10 winkie tasting my heart for the first time come to my party american primitive

11 bleak boys hero v/a: kosmische musik the blog that celebrates itself

11 trabante deceit inc. trabante autoproduction

11 doubting thomas cruising control texas-t remeber john lyndon forever fleeting youth

11 valerinne palinopsia monumenta universal music romania

12 it it anita imposter recorded by john agnello luik

12 supergenius the transmitter supergenius palm reader

12 helluvah highways long distance runners dead bees

13 octagrape boron aura obelisk sounds familyre

14 winkie ruined come to my party american primitive

Artiste: winkie
Album: come to my party
Label: american primitive

Artiste: octagrape
Album: aura obelisk
Label: sounds familyre


Artiste: teenage sin taste
Album: some perfect dreams
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): clear / fucked up anyway... / stuck

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