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  EMISSION DU 22/05/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the family curse loving kind triple-six series #5 fainting room

2 primetime anyway going places la vida es un mus

3 threat.meet.protocol forget her mindless consumption muzai

4 miserable uncontrollable uncontrollable the native sound

5 lazy legs sparks sparks autoproduction

6 feeble.curses blood a long day go autoproduction

7 my disco king sound severe temporary residence limited

7 duchess says negative thoughts sciences nouvelles slovenly

8 big heet on a wire demo autoproduction

9 triode architect triode autoproduction

10 usé c´est si lisse chien d´la casse born bad

10 useless eaters breathing smear temporary mutilation slovenly

10 avenue z invasio x azimut moi j´connais

10 tacocat plan a, plan b lost time hardly art

10 threat.meet.protocol the garden mindless consumption muzai

10 miserable violet uncontrollable the native sound

11 biff bang pow! fifty years of fun fifty years of fun creation

11 the revolting paint dream in the afternoon flowers in the sky creation

11 the pastels i wonder why suck on creation

11 baby amphetamine cheque it out chernobyl baby (who need the government) creation

12 sugar changes changes creation

12 18 wheeler pillowfight nature girl creation

12 idha ooh la la a woman i a man´s world creation

13 ruby paraffin salt peter creation

13 the boo radleys wake up boo! wake up creation

13 arnold calling ira jones the barn tapes creation

13 threat.meet.protocol pink clouds mindless consumption muzai

13 miserable stranger uncontrollable the native sound

Artiste: threat.meet.protocol
Album: mindless consumption
Label: muzai

Artiste: miserable
Album: uncontrollable
Label: the native sound

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