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  EMISSION DU 05/06/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mourn irrationel friend ha ha he captured tracks

2 quetzal snakes brutal beach ii xviii

3 child bite death before dementia negative noise housecore

4 sin kitty don´t be crazy softer erradic

5 the stargazer lillies a beautiful space door to the sun graveface

6 el yunque nátwoord baskenland stabwaf

7 bad future injection burn bad future autoproduction

8 forsaken autumn vanish into the air whenere autoproduction

9 forsaken autumn wallow whenere autoproduction

10 forsaken autumn only respire whenere autoproduction

11 useless eaters tip of the valley relaxing death castle face

11 deerhoof that ain´t no life to me the magic polyvinyl

12 nandas exo nandas toxic state

13 palehound molly audiotree live audiotree

14 les morts vont bien les morts vont bien les morts vont bien et mon cul c´est du tofu?

14 sin kitty not today again softer erradic

15 child bite paralytic phantasm negative noise housecore

15 jucifer it can´t be helped district of dystopia nomadic fortress

15 dave smalley too much too young 2 tones records tribute ambum - respect to gangsters cutting edge

15 calva rock caillou siamois a tant rêver du roi

16 coubiac nerves lunch a tant rêver du roi

16 entrails the grotesque obliteration metal blade

17 rosetta pegasus flies to flame translation loss

18 shiko shiko naashaagao bukkake autoproduction

19 repo man 24 hours guaranteed all mind in the cat house lava thief

19 brujeria brujerizmo brujerizmo roadrunner

19 blacklisters the sadness of axl rose adult smalltown america

19 child bite video blood negative noise housecore

19 sin kitty all the kidss softer erradic

Artiste: sin kitty
Album: softer
Label: erradic

Artiste: child bite
Album: negative noise
Label: housecore


Artiste: forsaken autumn
Album: whenere
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): vanish into the air / wallow / only respire

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