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  EMISSION DU 13/11/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cushing assholes curse of cushing autoproduction

2 spotting hi vis demo no patience

3 perennial fauves the symmetry of autumn leaves autoproduction

4 luggage city falls sun automatic

5 landing complekt complekt these are not

5 brown angel fair and lonely shutout sleeping giant glossolalia

6 risk relay the meeting as we descend nefarious industries

6 the staches the girl who´s been told come se dice frantic city

7 the staches crocodile iii six tonnes de chair

8 the staches total commitment total commitment six tonnes de chair

9 cocaine piss sex weirdos the dancer hypertension

9 filiamotsa madsummer midness like it is aagoo

9 messed glasses messed meta matter

9 papaye paris-brestol para bailar kythibong

9 curelight wounds wearing the strings wearing the strings autoproduction

9 luggage artificial sun automatic

10 perennial hyppolita! the symmetry of autumn leaves autoproduction

10 duchess says travaillez sciences nouvelles slovenly

10 violence conjugale kinski vices et mensonges teenage menopause

11 blurt i wan see ella i wan see ella metadrone

11 radar men from the moon splendor of the wicked subversive ii: splendor of the wicked fuzz club

12 the cult of dom keller ravens & rockets goodbye to the light fuzz club

12 zëro jed / snowdog san francisco ici d´ailleurs...

12 tomaga a perspective with no end the shape of the dance hands in the dark

12 radian scary objects on dark silent off thrill jockey

12 dälek it just is asphalt for eden profound lore

12 perennial the leaves of autumn symmetry the symmetry of autumn leaves autoproduction

12 luggage bright life sun automatic

Artiste: luggage
Album: sun
Label: automatic

Artiste: perennial
Album: the symmetry of autumn leaves
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: the staches
Album: come se dice
Label: frantic city
Track(s): the girl who´s been told

Artiste: the staches
Album: iii
Label: six tonnes de chair
Track(s): crocodile

Artiste: the staches
Album: total commitment
Label: six tonnes de chair
Track(s): total commitment

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