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  EMISSION DU 08/01/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 marbled eye primrose marbled eye gone with the weed

2 deathsticks ugh dethstyx borderless bound

3 krause leather couch 2am thoughts riot season

4 lonely parade bro no shade sleep walk

5 high and fragile happy birthday i was not well autoproduction

6 e great light e thrill jockey

7 qujaku keiren keiren so i buried

7 mosaicz physic mosaicz autoproduction

8 nunofyrbeeswax how to handle a non-audience on everything black bug

9 haiku garden until then waver kapa

10 haiku garden bleached waver kapa

10 haiku garden rosetta waver kapa

10 joint damage soft pipes intelligence sorry state

10 glowworms lifted vapid age autoproduction

10 pet crow shake it out a simple guide to small and medium pond life reckless yes

10 lonely parade chicken wing no shade sleep walk

11 krause mind decay 2am thoughts riot season

11 career pattern finders / vermicomposting pattern finders / vermicomposting autoproduction

12 j.c. satàn i could have died j.c. satàn born bad

12 has a shadow not even human sorrow tomorrow fuzz club

13 femme accident all means nothing sensory ghosts autoproduction

13 10000 russos policia preventina fuzz club session fuzz club

13 anaconda chaleur 4 the greatest hits of anaconda godhatesgod

13 krause the last men 2am thoughts riot season

13 lonely parade no am no shade sleep walk

Artiste: krause
Album: 2am thoughts
Label: riot season

Artiste: lonely parade
Album: no shade
Label: sleep walk


Artiste: haiku garden
Album: waver
Label: kapa
Track(s): until then / bleached / rosetta

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