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  EMISSION DU 29/01/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 breeze speck of blood breeze autoproduction

2 pallas location 13 pallas designer medium

3 affordable repayments mind selector affordable repayments autoproduction

4 mod vigil deaf proof mod vigil x-mist

5 usa nails except myself v/a: spool´s out vol. 1: now>ever bezirk

6 anevayblue deliberate (unfinished demo) the purge demos autoproduction

7 kindling claims noexistence no generation adagio 830

8 l.a. witch brian brian suicide squeeze

9 death valley girls death valley boogie glow in the dark burger

10 so stressed old hiss please let me know ghost ramp

11 gnod bodies for money just say no to the psycho right-wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine rocket

12 törst obborun sht dwn sht dwn bang bang

13 tuath seacht seachtaine things i don´t know autoproduction

14 the hand it´s not fair the hand vol. 3 autoproduction

15 mod vigil bad day mod vigil x-mist

15 affordable repayments t.v affordable repayments autoproduction

16 death pedals kronck meat house rip this joint

16 ntwin room v/a: econo / ntwin split rip this joint

17 cherry but no cake on the other side unveiling rip this joint

18 dead arms not on my watch, you white haired cunt all the hits rip this joint

19 mass lines young punks personality cult rip this joint

20 econo disciplines of apprehension v/a: rip this joint compilation vol. 1 rip this joint

20 yards canadian throats ep 2 rip this joint

20 the st pierre snake invasion i will always love you v/a: rip this joint compilation vol. 1 rip this joint

21 cataya sombre sommeil sukcession moment of collapse

21 guili guili goulag héloïse tranchée saint-arnoult 3018 cheap satanism

21 mod vigil k-hole mod vigil x-mist

21 affordable repayments nothing affordable repayments autoproduction

Artiste: affordable repayments
Album: affordable repayments
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: mod vigil
Album: mod vigil
Label: x-mist

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