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  EMISSION DU 19/02/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sunset images death obscure daze gravy

2 red red krovvy rembrandt tourist technical ecstasy helta skelta

3 pet crow she´s back a simple guide to small and medium pond life reckless yes

4 meat wave to be swayed the incessant side one dummy

5 mcvicker racket control i´m a car autoproduction

6 steal shit do drugs michelle steal shit do drugs annibale

7 tall pines splitting munchausen autoproduction

7 dead vibrations drain reflections echo drug

8 dead vibrations reflections reflections echo drug

9 dead vibrations swirl swirl lazy octopus

10 delacave gutbrain if i am overthinking, talk about anything any damned teenage menopause

10 sida commercial sida et mon cul c´est du tofu?

10 maze new unknown space rond sessies spookstad

10 the poison arrows stuck on screen no kwown note file 13

10 meat wave glass teeth the incessant side one dummy

10 pet crow let your hair down a simple guide to small and medium pond life reckless yes

11 jet lag periscope periscope autoproduction

11 boda boda the pillow, the stairs and the wet white hair the greatest hits autoproduction

12 the underground youth beast (anti war song) what kind of dystopian hellhole is this? fuzz club

12 moaning cities yell-oh-bahn d. klein exag´

13 the lucid dream i´m a star in my own right compulsion songs holy are you

13 giöbia this world was being watched closely magnifier sulatron

13 appaloosa halle9000 bab black candy

14 moon duo cross-town fade occult architecture vol. 1 sacred bones

14 meat wave killing the incessant the incessant side one dummy

15 pet crow absorbed a simple guide to small and medium pond life reckless yes

Artiste: pet crow
Album: a simple guide to small and medium pond life
Label: reckless yes

Artiste: meat wave
Album: the incessant
Label: side one dummy


Artiste: dead vibrations
Album: reflections
Label: echo drug
Track(s): drain / reflections

Artiste: dead vibrations
Album: swirl
Label: lazy octopus
Track(s): swirl

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