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  EMISSION DU 26/03/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 drahla fictional decision fictional decision a turntable friend

2 decibelles mess tight kidnap music

3 uv-tv wasting away glass deranged

4 stnnng king vulture vista veterans of pleasure rejuvenation

5 usa nails university home shame spiral bigoût

6 gold you too must die optimist ván

7 percolator crab supernova sestra penske

7 aim low tacit approval scratched out amplitude limitations

8 ghost transmission i´ll kill your mark echoes el genio equivocado

9 wurld series queeny seers air goofy melted ice cream

10 grounds stutter stutter autoproduction

10 toque mothballed god given autoproduction

10 sex swing karnak sex swing the quietus phonographic corporation

10 autisti the dower autisti s.k.

10 brunch club bed bugs brunch club hidden bay

10 uv-tv lilith glass deranged

11 stnnng sunbathing veterans of pleasure rejuvenation

11 terraformer the ether shell mineral dunk!

12 death pedals good dog meat house rip this joint

12 6siss miras signal to noise

13 lost in kiev resilience nuit noire dunk!

13 yeti lane good word´s gone l´aurore sonic cathedral

14 radar men from the moon masked disobedience subversive ii: splendor of the wicked fuzz club

15 mars red sky mindreader apex iii listenable

15 la jungle technically you´re dead ii black basset

15 stnnng soft moon warm spider veterans of pleasure rejuvenation

15 uv-tv glass glass deranged

Artiste: uv-tv
Album: glass
Label: deranged

Artiste: stnnng
Album: veterans of pleasure
Label: rejuvenation

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