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  EMISSION DU 16/04/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the deadly vipers sheep a night of fright autoproduction

2 crooked bangs rabbit hole ii nervous intent

3 part chimp mapoleon iv rock action

4 jesus is my son troisième chanson triste faust et l´enfer de dante cheap satanism

5 civil union i burnt my hand in your hair i burnt my hand in your hair autoproduction

6 bummer birthday snake v/a: bummer / pinko split 12 inch high dive

7 hollywoodfun downstairs "shocking by the glove" tetris antena krzyku

8 visiting diplomats let go big swell autoproduction

9 visiting diplomats ocean big swell autoproduction

10 visiting diplomats snowblinder v/a: colorful acts, in the presence of lilys the blog that celebrates itself

11 fritz yuk! fritz autoproduction

12 breakfast muff babyboomers babyboomers amour foo

13 silence mangoes ta place autoproduction

14 oiseaux-tempête electrique resistance al-´an! sub rosa

15 jesus is my son aux naufragés de l´amour faust et l´enfer de dante cheap satanism

16 part chimp ro ro iv rock action

16 crowd of chairs face it such a shame live fast die young

17 bison bisou fine bodysick luik

18 animal youth darkest place animal weyrd son

19 seefeel blue easy sleep polyfusia too pure

20 seefeel through you quique too pure

21 seefeel airless seefeel warp

22 ex-cult let you in negative growth in the red

23 the conformists polish live invalid divorce aagoo

23 giöbia silver machine what have you done / silver machine h42

23 mdme spkr babylon last thoughts pomponette

23 part chimp the saturn superstition iv rock action

23 jesus is my son une promenade faust et l´enfer de dante cheap satanism

Artiste: jesus is my son
Album: faust et l´enfer de dante
Label: cheap satanism

Artiste: part chimp
Album: iv
Label: rock action


Artiste: visiting diplomats
Album: big swell
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): let go / ocean

Artiste: visiting diplomats
Album: v/a: colorful acts, in the presence of lilys
Label: the blog that celebrates itself
Track(s): snowblinder

Artiste: seefeel
Album: polyfusia
Label: too pure
Track(s): blue easy sleep

Artiste: seefeel
Album: quique
Label: too pure
Track(s): through you

Artiste: seefeel
Album: seefeel
Label: warp
Track(s): airless

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