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  EMISSION DU 04/06/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the staches transistor placid faces bongo joe

2 plasmalab vancab love / life bruised tongue

3 valley girls rituals i being/becoming autoproduction

4 action beat + g.w. sok man with two plastic bags the world is fucked but i feel fine econore

5 sqürl the dark rift ep# 260 sacred bones

6 magic shoppe high goodbye high goodbye fuzz club

7 slow crush big lip ease flood

7 the experimental tropic blues band power of the fist spit´n´split jaune orange

8 large margin smothered and covered smothered and covered autoproduction

9 big heet suitandtie skin yellow badge demos autoproduction

10 kube tu vois, le monde (le ciel était vert) j´ai encore un truc à dire kube

10 deathbelles sestra virago autoproduction

10 psychedelic trips to death the flesh blood for blood autoproduction

10 morkobot kromot gorgo supernatural cat

10 action beat + g.w. sok unwanted shapes of amiracle the world is fucked but i feel fine econore

11 valley girls olympus being/becoming autoproduction

12 bob log iii log bomb log bomb fat possum

12 dub trio words iv roir

13 doomsday student fight and flight a self-help tragedy skin graft

13 exhumed vagitarian ii gore metal relapse

14 primitive man downfall home is where hatred is relapse

15 no balls barely breathing come clean release the bats

15 the bellrays poison arrow the red, white & black relapse

15 m.d.c. john wayne was a nazi millions of dead cops alternative tentacles

15 melt-banana then red eyed fetch a-zap

15 action beat + g.w. sok what bus when the world is fucked but i feel fine econore

15 valley girls collider being/becoming autoproduction

Artiste: valley girls
Album: being/becoming
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: action beat + g.w. sok
Album: the world is fucked but i feel fine
Label: econore

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