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  EMISSION DU 02/07/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kiso island ice box 3 more autoproduction

2 home ec frog kid music for dolphins autoproduction

3 h.grimace self architect self architect opposite number

4 gnarwhal marathon ripper crucial exploding in sound

5 boucan dernière minute reptiliens autoproduction

6 enablers went right the rightful pivot exile on mainstream

7 couchmaster psychogenic fugue tumor autoproduction

7 liozn hati sun´s she naked autoproduction

8 the radiation flowers dancing in flames summer loop cardinal fuzz

9 psychic sex big money big money subviolet

10 crowd of chairs ibogaine ibogaine live fast die young

10 massis angst hellhole autoproduction

10 adolina schadenfreude dreikanter honest house

10 gnarwhal light-up city crucial exploding in sound

10 h.grimace jockey self architect opposite number

11 bent mattress springs mattress springs emotional response

12 birthday bitch nocturne 26 autoproduction

12 for your health montreal for your health autoproduction

13 phantom head psychic dictators psychic dictators autoproduction

13 pill empathizer aggressive advertising dull tools

14 woodhull ode to a gamete hot shots autoproduction

15 white suns pilgrim psychic drift the flenser

15 nac/hut report glowworms grey zone collapse nostalgia double hallucinative

15 lady longhorn perfect knockoff tangata manu ep larry laffee productions

15 ultra material sector ii autoproduction

15 gnarwhal crucial crucial exploding in sound

15 h.grimace 2.1 woman self-architect opposite number

15 less art pessimism as denial strangled light gilead media

Artiste: gnarwhal
Album: crucial
Label: exploding in sound

Artiste: h.grimace
Album: self architect
Label: opposite number

Artiste: h.grimace
Album: self-architect
Label: opposite number

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