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  EMISSION DU 22/10/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 drahla silk spirit third article autoproduction

2 usa nails i am the things i buy v/a: tongue party / usa nails split learning curve

3 melkbelly off the lot nothing valley wax nine

4 luggage cold water three don giovanni

5 fever dream inside squid club ac30

6 kindling for olive hush 6131

7 jetstream pony like you less like you less kleine untergrund schallplatten

8 prison warder stir fry room for one more [figbox]

9 exhalants unshut democore autoproduction

10 starwheel broken glass broken glass autoproduction

11 starwheel slow down slow down autoproduction

11 starwheel through my window (parts i & ii) slow down autoproduction

12 phantom works no brave ohms invertebra

12 luggage nightwalk three autoproduction

12 melkbelly r.o.r.o.b. nothing valley wax nine

13 flat worms pearl flat worms castle face

14 darts damaskus ii v/a: thirty days of yes thirty days of yes

15 big|brave sound ardor southern lord

16 lunch lady deeper demo autoproduction

17 sleater-kinney here we come 7 inches for planned parenthood planned parenthood federation of american

18 rince-doigt monoi monoi croisière annulée luik

19 plause saigon xpress saigon xpress autoproduction

20 rakta rodeados pela beleza oculto pelos seres la vida es un mus

21 le singe blanc maw demo tape autoproduction

22 ounce satan ii satan ii autoproduction

22 melkbelly twin looking motherfucker nothing valley wax nine

22 luggage pine three don giovanni

Artiste: luggage
Album: three
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: luggage
Album: three
Label: don giovanni

Artiste: melkbelly
Album: nothing valley
Label: wax nine


Artiste: starwheel
Album: broken glass
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): broken glass

Artiste: starwheel
Album: slow down
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): slow down / through my window (parts i & ii)

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