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  EMISSION DU 05/11/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 looping wasn´t there when no one´s there autoproduction

2 sodium beast stu fernet night club tonite mirror universe tapes

3 sirena victima teach me to you and yours hoo cares

4 megamoto soaked circuits megamoto a tant rêver du roi

5 desert graves bad idea nobody gets out autoproduction

5 jesus is my son les violents contre dieu et la nature faust et l´enfer de dante cheap satanism

6 jambinai paramita pt.2 differance bella union

6 simmer sinewy paper prisms dog knights productions

7 simmer paper prisms paper prisms dog knights productions

8 simmer crease paper prisms dog knights productions

9 triceracops i (*d/e/m/o*!) autoproduction

9 child bite the will to disappear v/a: stnnng/child bite split forge again

9 groans skin everything for everyone autoproduction

9 eight alone eight dead broke rekerds

9 sirena victima chupa to you and yours hoo cares

10 megamoto top-flight research megamoto a tant rêver du roi

11 qui w/ trevor dunn sexual friend qui w/ trevor dunn joyful noise

11 dark buddha rising d dakhmandal svart

12 nadja & vampillia northern lights the primitive world iscollagecollective

12 violent magic orchestra in favor of cruelty catastrophic anonymous virgin babylon

13 jerusalem in my heart yudaghdegh el-ra3ey walal-ghanam (he titillates the shepherd, but not the sheep...) mo7it al-mo7it constellation

14 oiseaux-tempête ya layl, ya 3aynaki (ô nuit, ô tes yeux) al-´an! (and your night is your shadow — a fairy-tale piece of land to make our dreams) sub rosa

14 big business trees battlefields forever gold metal

14 in zaire hermes dance visions of the age to come sound of cobra

14 die! die! die! my friend has a car he starts with a hammer (what has been seen can´t been seen) charm. offensive. sounds of subterrania!

14 megamoto rainbolt megamoto a tant rêver du roi

14 sirena victima decide to you and yours hoo cares

Artiste: megamoto
Album: megamoto
Label: a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: sirena victima
Album: to you and yours
Label: hoo cares


Artiste: simmer
Album: paper prisms
Label: dog knights productions
Track(s): sinewy / paper prisms / crease

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