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  EMISSION DU 19/11/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 post punk podge & the technohippies kick against the pricks kick against the pricks autoproduction

2 thick girlie girlie autoproduction

3 no sister you know the feeling? the second floor autoproduction

4 aerofall sticks forms hands and moment

5 zen sonicna taktika suncani ljudi moonlee

6 the mary hart attack who used to be me the falling sun greedy eyes

7 madensuyu mute song stabat mater suyu makinesi

8 the bonniwells sun fish walk v/a: new centre of the universe vol. 1 anti fade

9 the good palms a sun, a moon v/a: new centre of the universe vol. 2 anti fade

10 parsnip health parsnip anti fade

11 fitness womxn living hell macho city acid etch

11 room 101 one man band fuck your phone room 101 one man band summary execution

11 scarp youth large, size small like a dog autoproduction

11 sorry wished wished domino

11 aerofall kawaiii forms hands and moment

12 no sister satellite power the second floor autoproduction

13 godflesh no body post self avalanche

13 primitive knot interstellar pulse erotique sub-temple ov the mirror cosmos ritual void

14 jessica93 anti cafard 2000 guilty spaces teenage menopause

15 in zaire planets convergence visions of the age to come sound of cobra

16 phoenician drive fat bill two coins rockerill

17 ropoporose horses kernel, foreign moons yotanka

18 l´effondras le serpentaire les flavescences noise parade

18 shopping straight lines why choose fat cat

19 no sister just another (turning point) the second floor autoproduction

19 aerofall i don´t care forms hands and moment

Artiste: no sister
Album: the second floor
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: aerofall
Album: forms
Label: hands and moment


Artiste: parsnip
Album: parsnip
Label: anti fade
Track(s): health

Artiste: the bonniwells
Album: v/a: new centre of the universe vol. 1
Label: anti fade
Track(s): sun fish walk

Artiste: the good palms
Album: v/a: new centre of the universe vol. 2
Label: anti fade
Track(s): a sun, a moon

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