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  EMISSION DU 07/01/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 idles mother brutalism balley

2 meat wave to be swayed the incessant side one dummy

3 hollywoodfun downstairs ?trolling tetris antena krzyku

4 no sister romantic notion the second floor autoproduction

5 chelsea wolfe 16 psyche hiss spun sargent house

5 marianna linde & the distortions liar paradox sun spiderchildren

6 the gluts squirrel estasi fuzz club

6 yes i´m leaving so pure joy black wire

7 batpiss you and me rest in piss poison city

8 melt downer junkademy melt downer numavi

9 dreamdecay joy iron lung

9 buzz rodeo spinning combine antena krzyku

10 soft post cabaret coldwave nostalgia a shoegaze stories autoproduction

11 spectres welcoming the flowers condition sonic cathedral

11 metz mess of wires strange peace sub pop

12 usa nails celebrity carpet shame spiral bigoût

12 la chasse mère noire noir plus noir que le noir katatak

13 melkbelly off the lot nothing valley wax nine

14 don strasburg tilly´s theme don strasburg first base tapes

14 krause weak 2am thoughts riot season

14 buildings net waste you are not one of us antena krzyku

14 violet nox dentscape nebula reverb worship

14 suspirians fortune spider ti bon ange super secret

14 scul hazzards count on your enemies epitaph; reset rejuvenation

14 gnod bodies for money just say no to the psycho right-wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine rocket

14 pet crow let your hair down a simple guide to small and medium pond life reckless yes

14 uv-tv wasting away glass deranged

14 feature reeling banishing ritual upset the rhythm

14 jesus is my son pour maria faust et l´enfer de dante cheap satanism

14 widowspeak let me expect the best captured tracks

14 mod vigil deaf proof mod vigil x-mist

14 luggage natalie three don giovanni

14 war brides clean regrets triple eye industries

34 crowd of chairs master of my split persona fuck fuck fuck live fast die young

35 hotel wrecking city traders quasar passage to agartha cardinal fuzz
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