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  EMISSION DU 01/04/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jo passed millennial trash blues their prime sub pop

2 red hare affirmation little acts of destruction dischord

3 bearfoot beware point scorer sea magnolia superstar destroyer

4 the liminanas istanbul is sleepy shadow people because music

5 landing nod bells in new towns el paraiso

5 petrichor affection another irrelevant question regarding the personal wellbeing rasta sound productions

6 closet goth it´s lit friendship village warped your records

6 lace on a rung human condition autoproduction

7 lice stammering bill stammering bill balley

8 vital idles a premise left hand upset the rhythm

9 ceremony closer east coast autoproduction

10 astral skulls this place this place psychic hysteria

11 baby fire burning body, burning bed gold off

11 alabaster the future: plastic assimilation time to get a job bigoût

12 bearfoot beware knots in the rope sea magnolia superstar destroyer

12 the liminanas dimanche shadow people because music

13 sweet williams ghost waves please let me sleep on your tonight faux discx

14 lonely kamel shit city shit city napalm

14 greenmachine on d.a.m.n. man´s ruin

14 sourvein bleeding charm black fangs candlefight

14 zuriaake sirius afterimage of autumn pest

14 oi polloi we must combat sexism on all levels total resistance to the fucking system social bomb

14 discharge hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing the nightmare continues... live westworld

14 nebula vulcan bomber let it burn cargo

14 bison anti war you are not the ocean you are the patient no list

14 aura noir schitzoid paranoid hades rise peaceville

14 conflict c.r.a.s.s. the ungovernable force mortarhate

14 fister violence i: the an lushan rebellion violence gogmagogical

14 bearfoot beware philistines sea magnolia superstar destroyer

14 the liminanas motorizatti mare shadow people because music

Artiste: the liminanas
Album: shadow people
Label: because music

Artiste: bearfoot beware
Album: sea magnolia
Label: superstar destroyer

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