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  EMISSION DU 08/07/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 no no instigator modern delusion dark is not what irks me deep inside the realm autoproduction

2 cul de sac killers pray to the leeches pray to the leeches autoproduction

3 coherence wilshire of alternate spaces get better

4 mokri (total love) total love sheep chase

5 tender age isn´t real becoming real forever sinis

5 slow crush aurora aurora holy roar

6 haru bangs hives four autoproduction

6 arson cult travelling on someone else´s dime lay waste to past erections autoproduction

7 big scout deaf adults height of fashion provincial yaw

8 the surrounded reset reset autoproduction

9 holy forrest whirl whirl library group

10 snakeskin limbless hangnail state champion

11 uniform the walk the long walk sacred bones

12 the currawongs escape velocity coordinates autoproduction

12 coherence eyes of alternate spaces get better

13 mokri labyrinths total love sheep chase

14 tajak drowned amsterdam 211 abstrakt muzak

14 komplikations stress humans rockstar

14 no age soft collar fad snare like a haircut drag city

14 dollkraut beggarman holy ghost people dischi autunno

14 robocobra quartet i shouldn´t have watched the film what lies beneath (when i was twelve) plays hard to get autoproduction

14 the mystery lights melt the mystery lights wick

14 the liminanas shadow people shadow people because music

14 braziliers sac à chatons 421 a tant rêver du roi

14 tuscoma aerial views from barcelona arkhitecturenominus antena krzyku

14 coherence rain gaze of alternate spaces get better

14 mokri it all resonates in me total love sheep chase

Artiste: coherence
Album: of alternate spaces
Label: get better

Artiste: mokri
Album: total love
Label: sheep chase

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