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  EMISSION DU 16/09/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 toy energy the willo tough love

2 dead tenants reset ii already dead tapes

3 gloop a shrine built for two the tourist grimoire

4 firefriend burning a haunted house yellow spider little cloud

5 trillion drive away maybe sometime soon autoproduction

6 exhalants ego death exhalants self sabotage

7 blue youth succubus dead forever grind control

7 ttotals ancient knots skyview drive great ape

8 ttotals getting it right skyview drive great ape

9 ttotals not at all skyview drive great ape

10 microwaves via weightlessness via weightlessness three one g

11 war brides mean drunk complacent triple eye industries

12 shepparton airplane friction almurta wing sing

13 gloop skunked the tourist grimoire

14 firefriend ultra-violet thing yellow spider little cloud

15 tajak ciclos ciclos buh

16 al doum & the faryds unity is brotherhood spirit rejoin les disques bongo joe

17 nah gave shrill aged autoproduction

18 korto hot rock korto six tonnes de chair

18 grégoire tirtiaux the city the city autoproduction

18 phil maggi 3andalibun yunaghey (a sparrow sings) animalwrath sub rosa

18 gloop bright sigh the tourist grimoire

18 firefriend yellow spider yellow spider little cloud

18 aidan baker / simon goff / thor harris no place iii no place gizeh

Artiste: gloop
Album: the tourist
Label: grimoire

Artiste: firefriend
Album: yellow spider
Label: little cloud


Artiste: ttotals
Album: skyview drive
Label: great ape
Track(s): ancient knots / getting it right / not at all


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