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  EMISSION DU 07/10/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 milpool chads start autoproduction

2 mall walk rose rose vacant stare

3 melt downer quest alter the stunt numavi

4 lonely parade weekends the pits buzz

5 vera ellen kiss u in the punk beat yr name 5 star limo

6 casper skulls o my enemy o my enemy buzz

7 enob hyper hibou la fosse aux débiles cheap satanism

8 black doldrums those with a rope around their neck (don´t always hang) those with a rope around their neck (don´t always hang) adjust

9 black doldrums sidewinder people´s temple eggs in aspic

10 black doldrums skyline rising people´s temple eggs in aspic

11 metz escalator teeth / on and on escalator teeth / on and on sub pop

12 noughts feel my eyes noughts weird place

13 anybodys stolen diaries necessity of contrast isolated now waves

14 pill midtown soft hell mexican summer

15 lonely parade olive green the pits buzz

16 melt downer riddles alter the stunt numavi

17 adolina worm´s riot caldeira a tant rêver du roi

18 voïvod planet hell negatron hypnotic

18 ifriqiyya electrique arrah arrah abbaina - bahari - tenouiba rûwâhîne glitterbeat

18 blurt empty vessels the best of blurt - volume 1 - the fish needs a bike salamander

18 set and setting acceptance a vivid memory prosthetic

18 the cosmic dead psych is dead psych is dead riot season

19 kollaps heartworm sibling lovers silken tofu

19 the master fistula for a better tomorrow corley

19 melt downer vater alter the stunt numavi

20 lonely parade new roommate the pits buzz

Artiste: lonely parade
Album: the pits
Label: buzz

Artiste: melt downer
Album: alter the stunt
Label: numavi


Artiste: black doldrums
Album: those with a rope around their neck (don´t always hang)
Label: adjust
Track(s): those with a rope around their neck (don´t always hang)

Artiste: black doldrums
Album: people´s temple
Label: eggs in aspic
Track(s): sidewinder / skyline rising

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