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  EMISSION DU 28/10/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 brandy you´re a dentist laugh track monofonus press

2 las grietas leonia demo autoproduction

3 daughters long road no turns you won´t get what you want ipecac

4 ceremony electric shock darling candy booking

5 orange hell hybrid moments orange hell funeral party

6 violet nox swan pond twin flame sleep fuse

7 girls in synthesis fan the flames fan the flames blank editions

8 the ex silent waste 27 passports ex

9 pigeon ideal bug tortellini

10 swervedriver mary winter future ruins rock action

11 true primitives paramour revolutions comet rock

12 black doldrums there is no eye sad paradise ac30

13 don´t try jwafj jwafj buzzhowl

14 struckout scratch struckout postmark

15 daughters the lords song you won´t get what you want ipecac

16 ceremony lost forever darling candy booking

17 acid dad living with a creature living with a creature greenway

18 meat wave that´s alright v/a: meat wave / lifetyles split no trend

18 denim & leather grave 99 sacred autism drunken sailor

18 lovely wife deafening soup v/a: lovely wife / snakes don´t belong in alaska panurus productions

19 idles great joys as an act of resistance partisan

19 juice body machine 100% autoproduction

20 seno nudo dig¨*cry*dive any common sense dear.deer.records

20 daughters the reason they hate me you won´t get what you want ipecac

20 art trip and the static sound best friend a week of kindness fiasco

21 ceremony let me walk you home darling candy booking

Artiste: ceremony
Album: darling
Label: candy booking

Artiste: daughters
Album: you won´t get what you want
Label: ipecac

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