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  EMISSION DU 09/12/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 surfbort sunshine friendship music fat possum

2 haze st-john st-john hate hate hate

3 blowdryer intent blowdryer autoproduction

4 dai-x so much for the summer bone thrower autoproduction

5 hussy forever forever autoproduction

6 wayne word to the wise the invitation autoproduction

7 tuvalu could you pay me back planting bulbs autoproduction

8 tunic nothing nothing complexion self sabotage

9 borzoi lizard men of the third reich a prayer for war 12xu

10 numb.er state lines goodbye felte

11 numb.er the black bird goodbye felte

12 numb.er again goodbye felte

13 max lampin mauvais humour ii autoproduction

13 cocaine piss pretty pissed my cake hypertension

14 dai-x invisible bone thrower autoproduction

15 blowdryer self satisfaction blowdryer autoproduction

16 we stood like kings volchovstroy ussr 1926 kapitän platte

17 le jour du seigneur after bells after bells autoproduction

18 charles hayward postcode scam anonymous bash samarbeta

19 revocation profanum vulgus great is our sin metal blade

20 agathocles a broken mess obey their rules state-fucker

21 phurba om purba autoproduction

22 casualties tomorrow belongs to us on the front line sideonedummy

23 albatre vampyroteuthis infernalis a descent into maelström shhpuma

23 esben and the witch blood teachings a new nature nostromo

24 angelic upstarts police oppression we gotta get out of this place warner bros

25 dai-x better off now bone thrower autoproduction

27 blowdryer suitable replacement blowdryer autoproduction

Artiste: blowdryer
Album: blowdryer
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: dai-x
Album: bone thrower
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: numb.er
Album: goodbye
Label: felte
Track(s): state lines / the black bird / again

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