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  EMISSION DU 23/12/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 late new disease demos autoproduction

2 spark unit push blizzard autoproduction

3 not of watch him, they said hypocritic oath no list

4 esben and the witch a desire for light nowhere season of mist

5 the virgin wash lave obscurity ttalked autoproduction

6 lightfoils this time is up chambers autoproduction

7 gunter blast bull´s eyes/my pleasure sunday afternoon autoproduction

8 all caps gymnopilus all´s well that ends well black basset

9 pauwels singe singe october tone

10 spice boys i don´t get around glade punk slime

11 spice boys can´t turn back glade punk slime

12 spice boys mirages glade punk slime

13 polevaulter how i learnt to stop chewing the wasp and face the bull dog how i learnt to stop chewing the wasp and face the bull dog autoproduction

13 cheshire cat (the bouncing) dead man empty stripes meidosem

14 not of astoria jack hypocritic oath no list

15 esben and the witch the unspoiled nowhere season of mist

16 the telescopes hand full of ashes as light return tapete

17 arrows of love honey everythings fucked 1-2-3-4

18 ... and you will know us by the trail of dead a perfect teenhood madonna domino

19 bed. girl replay bug hunt

20 paloma uwu uwu autoproduction

21 kill the moose from here to now to the moon and back alternative moose

22 think kastendeuch on the clock morning glory wine autoproduction

23 not of dear mr. speaker (concussion stand impulse buy) hypocritic oath no list

24 esben and the witch darkness (i too am here) nowhere season of mist

25 jesus is my son tout a une fin (même l´amour) tout a une fin (même l´amour) cheap satanism

Artiste: not of
Album: hypocritic oath
Label: no list

Artiste: esben and the witch
Album: nowhere
Label: season of mist


Artiste: spice boys
Album: glade
Label: punk slime
Track(s): i don´t get around / can´t turn back / mirages

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