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  EMISSION DU 19/06/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 help she can´t swim i dont need you fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic

1 the a-lines can't explain you can touch sympathy for the record industry

3 midnight movies persimmon tree midnight movies emperor norton

4 bassholes purple moon bassholes dead canary

5 les savy fav hello halo, goodbye glands inches french kiss

5 girls against boys black hole freak on ica geffen

7 new wet kojak the world of shampoo this is glamorous..... konkurrel

7 girls against boys super slow v/a: location is everything vol. 1 jade tree

7 yo la tengo little eyes prisoners of love matador

7 furious pilots satisfy now v/a: compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

9 scout niblett not to death kidnapped by neptune too pure

10 part chimp b1 chart pimp rock action

10 catherine feeny new york in the 70s (sesame st.) catherine feeny marshall bravebones

10 midnight movies love or a lesson midnight movies emperor norton

10 stereo total cinémania do the bambi disko b

10 mute unµting tagawa muting

10 car crash gemini v/a: bear rock festival 2005 bear rock

10 the chinese stars cheap city halo v/a: bear rock festival 2005 bear rock

10 sleater-kinney the fox the woods sub pop

10 midnight movies just to play midnight movies emperor norton

Artiste: midnight movies
Album: midnight movies
Label: emperor norton


Artiste: girls against boys
Album: freak on ica
Label: geffen
Track(s): black hole

Artiste: girls against boys
Album: v/a: location is everything vol. 1
Label: jade tree
Track(s): super slow

Artiste: new wet kojak
Album: this is glamorous.....
Label: konkurrel
Track(s): the world of shampoo


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