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  EMISSION DU 07/04/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hairnet blow dryer anarchy is a comin´ pee blood

2 trigger cut hellcat bob buster autoproduction

3 fitzkaraldo f b forbidden place

4 the psychotic monks isolation private meaning first vicious circle

5 terravi sheep sheep autoproduction

6 der blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand evil wish i weren´t here wkn

7 haunted horses cypress severed circle sixwix collective

8 tangent fatal code 302 estranged communications

9 vangas skin facial tissue autoproduction

10 simon scott sakura soundings touch

11 simon scott mae soundings touch

12 simon scott an angel from the sea kissed me insomni ash international

13 lago vostok cryobot ice shit occult punk gang

14 crowd of chairs crowds suck me dry fuck fuck fuck live fast die young

15 trigger cut transfer buster autoproduction

16 the psychotic monks a coherent appearance private meaning first vicious circle

17 stereocilia syzygy the silence that follows drone rock

18 peuk gargamel peuk fons

19 wet dip black friday demo autoproduction

20 electrifier rainbow eyes spaceman autoproduction

21 the empty sleeps good place good place autoproduction

22 pinkwench tuesday helicopter autoproduction

22 pauwels chien poena cullei october tone

22 paracelze the mystic ride pterodactyle cheap satanism

22 trigger cut westworld buster autoproduction

23 the psychotic monks closure private meaning first vicious circle

Artiste: trigger cut
Album: buster
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: the psychotic monks
Album: private meaning first
Label: vicious circle


Artiste: simon scott
Album: insomni
Label: ash international
Track(s): an angel from the sea kissed me

Artiste: simon scott
Album: soundings
Label: touch
Track(s): sakura / mae

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