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  EMISSION DU 15/09/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dry cleaning sit down meal boundary road snacks and drinks it´s ok

2 the paranoyds laundry carnage bargain suicide squeeze

3 vivian girls most of all memory polyvinyl

4 acid barretts skyway sustain rooftop retouch

5 blackwater holylight death realms veils of winter riding easy

6 luggage shift luggage corpse flower

7 hammers manic manic autoproduction

8 black beach sometimes this body lets me down tapeworm autoproduction

9 kansakunnan ylpeys tuhlaan päiväni kansakunnan ylpeys rutton music

10 vr sex downgrade human traffic jam dais

11 vr sex cheek detritus human traffic jam dais

12 vr sex everything´s fine human traffic jam dais

13 kim gordon air bnb no home record matador

14 prissy whip masks swallow autoproduction

15 vivian girls sludge memory polyvinyl

16 acid barretts acceleration sustain rooftop retouch

17 miss tetanos don´t drink so much than nostradamus" don´t drink so much than nostradamus rockerill

18 no sister something (all at once) influence autoproduction

19 noseholes baked beans ant and end chuchu

20 white manna eye in the cloud that serves as thunder ape on sunday cardinal fuzz

21 ex canix tribunus ultra (hats off to frigin dán) shaman label: société anonyme

22 the quiet temple x rated the quiet temple point of departure

22 crushed curcuma morricone tinval kono dischi

23 julie´s haircut until the lights go out in the silence electric rocket

24 lamagaia homai sortie garage space vol. 1 cardinal fuzz

25 vivian girls i´m far away memory polyvinyl

25 acid barretts distintegrate sustain rooftop retouch

Artiste: vivian girls
Album: memory
Label: polyvinyl

Artiste: acid barretts
Album: sustain
Label: rooftop retouch


Artiste: vr sex
Album: human traffic jam
Label: dais
Track(s): downgrade / cheek detritus / everything´s fine

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