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  EMISSION DU 24/07/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 stereo total babystrich do the bambi disko b

1 stereo total do the bambi do the bambi disko b

3 gin palace cool like an axe kicking on artrocker

4 gin palace further in kicking on artrocker

5 the a-lines more wax please you can touch sympathy for the record industry

5 hang on the box ass hole, i'm not your baby for every punk, bitch and arsehole arrivederci baby!

7 the fall sparta fc no 3 interim hip priest

7 primitives earth thing thru the flowers (the anthology) sanctuary

7 the pooh sticks i know someone who knows someone who knows allan mcgee quite well! v/a: rough trade shops - indiepop 1 mute

7 the jesus and mary chain you trip me up psycho candy blanco y negro

10 six.by seven here comes the sun left luggage at the peveril hotel saturday night sunday morning

11 the voices evermore the voices my kung fu

11 skywave nothing left to say synthstatic alison

11 the d4 what i want out of my head flying nun

11 neils children run before we can walk always the same ep poptones

11 welcome to julian satisfied 3 ep rosebud

11 air formation caught upon the waves stay inside feel everything clairecords

11 the workhouse paperplane the end of the pier bearos

12 tarentel open letter to hummingbidrs paper white temporary residence limited

12 the the delgados russian orthodox peloton chemikal underground

12 my bloody valentine honey power tremolo ep creation

12 the emerald down stars aquarium ep honest in secret

12 ride chelsea girl (live) live ep sire-reprise

13 neils children stupid band always the same ep poptones

13 mountain men anonymous we stole your rhyming dictionaries v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2005 rhâââ lovely festival

13 amp iconisis us very friendly

13 mono where am i (shootman remix) new york soundtracks arena rock
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