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  EMISSION DU 25/09/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lali puna past machine i thought i was over that - rare, remixed and b-sides morr

1 benn´s little rebellion captain trips v/a: wilde club ep. no.4 wilde club

3 autolux sugarless future perfect full time hobby

4 holly golightly run cold my first holly golightly album damaged goods

5 port royal flares pt.3 flares resonant

5 kimya dawson lullaby for the taken hidden vagenda k

6 queenadreena butcher and the butterfly the butcher and the butterfly one little indian

6 tight phantomz do us all a favor crazy when wet southern

6 the duke spirit win your love cuts across the land loog

6 samara lubelski the fleeting skies the fleeting skies the social registry

8 autolux blanket future perfect full time hobby

9 the plane is on fire president suite honeymoon/president suite - 7'' strange fruit

9 vuelta magnética la course au sirop d'érable démo idiosyncratics

9 arc and sender skinner box arc and sender high two

9 two-star hotel there is a voice inside of me two-star hotel sounds of subterrania!

9 en reste - (untitled track) démo autoproduction

9 todd solid gold death mask todd bulb

9 madadayo elles se font belles pour mourir démo autoproduction

9 the manikins it's easy to complain epileptics p. trash

9 unsane latch blood run relapse

9 annelies monseré we'll dance helder blue sanct

9 kania tieffer ma plum démo autoproduction

9 phantomsmasher scrolling sideways phantomsmasher ipecac

10 half asleep secret side just before we learned to swim matamore

10 the fever ladyfingers red bedroom kemado

10 autolux asleep at the trigger future perfect full time hobby

10 next exit to nowhere let's waltz with nosferatu ego to echoes (album first version - unreleased) interstellar

Artiste: autolux
Album: future perfect
Label: full time hobby

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