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  EMISSION DU 23/10/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 naifu the spider naughty pony puppy farm

1 black lipstick b.o.b. f.o.s.s.e sincerely, black lipstick glitterhouse

3 bright channel final stretch bright channel flight approved

4 kinski hiding drugs in the temple (part 2) alpine static sub pop

5 rothko and caroline ross light in a dark place a place between lo

5 stereolab wow and flutter oscillons from the anti-sun too pure

7 stereolab french disco oscillons from the anti-sun too pure

7 stereolab ping pong oscillons from the anti-sun too pure

7 scout niblett kidnapped by neptune kidnapped by neptune too pure

7 trumans water say hi to the lie machine you're in the line of fire and they're shooting at you homesleep

10 the moaners flannery said dark snack yep roc

11 gossip arkansas heat arkansas heat kill rock stars

11 next exit to nowhere smooth rage ego to echoes interstellar

11 kinski the party which you know will be heavy alpine static sub pop

11 bright channel vehicle bright channel flight approved

11 hrsta une infinité de trous en forme d'hommes stem stem in electro constellation

11 port royal spetsnaz/paul leni flares resonant

11 human eye kill pop culture human eye in the red

12 the duke spirit fades the sun cuts across the land loog

12 samara lubelski the boy who bought the cosmos the fleeting skies the social registry

12 amp implosion us very friendly

12 bright channel witness bright channel flight approved

12 kinski edge set alpine static sub pop

Artiste: bright channel
Album: bright channel
Label: flight approved

Artiste: kinski
Album: alpine static
Label: sub pop


Artiste: stereolab
Album: oscillons from the anti-sun
Label: too pure
Track(s): wow and flutter / french disco / ping pong


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