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  EMISSION DU 30/10/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kinski hiding drugs in the temple (part 2) alpine static sub pop

1 sleater-kinney the fox the woods sub pop

3 ow park nowhere heavenhotel

4 the fall what about us? fall heads roll slogan

5 loobke boots water & boots ep sundays in spring

5 scout niblett kidnapped by neptune kidnapped by neptune too pure

7 supergrip - (untitled track #77) songs from a metal can state of distress

7 et sans les courbes sanglantes entendues de l'organe trop vraiment halluciné par noussss touss les trous de vos crânes alien8

7 hammock always wishing you were somewhere else stranded under endless sky hammock music

7 melt-banana lost parts stinging me so cold cell-scape a-zap

10 amp get here us very friendly

11 the fall blindness fall heads roll slogan

11 ow lost love nowhere heavenhotel

11 the fuse! small sounds - in the red

11 the dirtbombs cedar point '76 if you don't already have a look in the red

11 the dirtbombs tanze gehn if you don't already have a look in the red

11 the move i can hear the grass grow i can hear the grass grow 7'' deram

11 the fall i can hear the grass grow fall heads roll slogan

12 parliament come in out of the rain osmiun invictus

12 sons and daughters come in out of the rain dance in me domino

12 two-star hotel plug it in two-star hotel sound of subterrania

12 tussle don't stop tkling knlang trouble man unlimited

12 the dead 60´s a different age the dead 60's sony

13 oneida the beginning is high the wedding cycle

13 samara lubelski the boy who bought the cosmos the fleeting skies the social registry

13 the fall bo demmick fall heads roll slogan

13 ow pine lodge nowhere heavenhotel

Artiste: ow
Album: nowhere
Label: heavenhotel

Artiste: the fall
Album: fall heads roll
Label: slogan

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