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  EMISSION DU 14/05/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the tall ships for your bird you will have no other model than that of a bat paint lines on your glasses look up at the stars and play them as notes minority

1 projekt a-ko new confusion v/a: club ac30 #5 club ac30

3 mogwai glasgow mega-snake mr beast pias

4 delta 5 circuit singles & sessions 1979-81 kill rock stars

5 ostinato majestic left too far behind exile on mainstream

5 ostinato convolution left too far behind exile on mainstream

7 six.by seven all i really want from you is love artists cannibals poets thieves saturday night sunday morning

7 the ex listen to the painters turn ex

7 naifu violet naughty pony puppy farm

7 ostinato jagganath left too far behind exile on mainstream

9 and you will know us by the trail of dead it was there that i saw you source tags & codes interscope

10 amusement parks on fire local boy makes god amusement parks on fire v2

10 mogwai folk death 95 mr beast pias

10 sleater-kinney entertain the woods sub pop

10 catpower lived in bars the greatest matador

10 ostinato goal of all believers chasing the form exile on mainstream

10 lillayell store v/a: psychotica family "only a record sampler" psychotica

10 be your own pet treshers flail be your own pet infinity cat

10 taïfun astounding silence v/a: linge propre entre amis program uno honest house

10 beirut cold v/a: psychotica family "only a record sampler" psychotica

10 mogwai we're no here mr beast pias

11 some tweetlove jean-paul iii cafard mondial matamore

Artiste: mogwai
Album: mr beast
Label: pias


Artiste: ostinato
Album: left too far behind
Label: exile on mainstream
Track(s): majestic / convolution / jagganath

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