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  EMISSION DU 23/09/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kontakte transmitter/receiver transmitter/receiver 7" enraptured

1 the victorian english gentlemens club stupid as wood the victorian english gentlemens club fantastic plastic

3 almandino quite deluxe violent potato violent potato wallace

4 31knots the days and nights of lust and presumption the days and nights of everything anywhere polyvinyl

5 31knots immitation flesh the days and nights of everything anywhere polyvinyl

5 alex delivery komad star destroyer jagjaguwar

7 deerhoof the perfect me friend opportunity kill rock stars

7 numbers beast life we're animals kill rock stars

7 mystery machine shaky ground glazed

7 mystery machine ride glazed

9 mystery machine underground glazed

10 thurston moore wonderful witches trees outside the academy ecstatic peace

10 naifu tiger woman pieces of women puppy farm

10 melt-banana cracked plaster cast bambi's dillema a-zap

10 glockenspiel glock one 24:48 ep autoproduction

10 almandino quite deluxe big match violent potato wallace

10 om flight of the eagle conference of the birds holy mountain

10 next exit to nowhere breaking up on the interstellar phone - autoproduction

10 shannon wright don't you doubt me let in the light vicious circle

10 black engine the humiliation of an impotent god ku klux klowns wallace

10 astrobite cherryflavorburst whitenoise superstar vinyl junkie

11 elvis´ ghettoblaster doll love is a schizophrenic hungry monster autoproduction

11 destroyalldreamers dead on arrival glare/halo ep claire's echo

11 torpid jee jee fraiseman autoproduction

11 almandino quite deluxe proud to play loud violent potato wallace

Artiste: almandino quite deluxe
Album: violent potato
Label: wallace


Artiste: mystery machine
Album: glazed
Track(s): shaky ground / ride / underground

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