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  EMISSION DU 27/01/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 om unitive knowledge of the godhead pilgrimage southern lord

1 clinic the scythe funf domino

3 motorama lucienne no bass fidelity vidaloca

4 pram salva the moving frontier domino

5 black francis you can't break a heart and have it bluefinger cooking vinyl

5 naifu tiger woman pieces of women puppy farm

7 year of no light sélénite nord radar swarm

7 apse from the north spirit acuarela

7 experimental aircraft kali yuga third transmission graveface

7 almandino quite deluxe proud to play loud violent potato wallace

9 baby control young love/youth troll best war ache

10 k-branding machism system das ding ff hhh

10 motorama wild girl no bass fidelity vidaloca

10 congestion nasale fuck young girls - au revoir

10 petula clarck fra diavolo dance on your head! autoproduction

10 nervous kid take fucking that - autoproduction

10 dream beverly hills a-u-r-e-v-o-ir - au revoir

10 g.i. joe clito's angel clito's angel fooltribe

10 raccoo-oo-oon invisible sun behold the secret kingdom release the bats

10 bear claw untitled track find the sun sickroom

10 graf orlock

11 to live and shave in l.a. trois agoraphobes d'agde v/a: savage land label sampler 2008 savage land

11 ramesses iii tidal draw v/a: gold leaf branch gold leaf

11 the tritones chagrin de la mer requiem for a mermaid autoproduction

11 skullflower untitled track tribulation crucial blast

11 motorama possession no bass fidelity vidaloca

11 on fire down below on celebrate psiphenomenon

Artiste: motorama
Album: no bass fidelity
Label: vidaloca

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