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  EMISSION DU 03/02/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 baby control young love/youth troll best war ache

1 to kill a petty bourgeoisie the patron the patron kranky

3 no age every artist needs a tragedy weirdo rippers fat cat

4 bardo pond endurance ticket crystals atp

5 destroyalldreamers automne wish i was all flames where are my

5 polvo can i ride polvo jesus christ

7 polvo vibracobra cor-crane secret merge

7 polvo fractured (like chandeliers) celebrating the new dark age touch and go

7 katamine now i'm born forest of bobo tinstar creative pool

7 volt voice fit & well ep07 autoproduction

9 experimental aircraft kali yuga third transmission graveface

10 naifu melinda pieces of women puppy farm

10 bearsuit dinosaur heart oh:io fantastic plastic

10 hrsta the orchard ghosts will come and kiss your eyes constellation

10 no age i wanna sleep weirdo rippers fat cat

10 zelienople moss man his hers type

10 enon those who don't blink grass geysers... carbon clouds touch and go

10 the suicidal birds into the black versus life tocado

10 trumans water say hi to the lie machine you're in the line of fire and they're shooting at you homesleep

10 clinic magic boots funf domino

10 fatal flying guilloteens great apes quantum fucking frenchkiss

11 the warlocks dreamless days heavy deavy skull lover tee pee

11 no age dead plane weirdo rippers fat cat

Artiste: no age
Album: weirdo rippers
Label: fat cat


Artiste: polvo
Album: polvo
Label: jesus christ
Track(s): can i ride

Artiste: polvo
Album: cor-crane secret
Label: merge
Track(s): vibracobra

Artiste: polvo
Album: celebrating the new dark age
Label: touch and go
Track(s): fractured (like chandeliers)


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